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First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for your generous and continuous support to HPI Group.

Since the inception in 1990, HPI has grown steadily from a local carton manufacturer in Johor state to an integrated packaging group of companies spanning all across Malaysia and Cambodia. I am glad to announce that 3 new carton box plants had commenced operation since 2011 and these corrugated carton box factories are located in Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Our vision to reach out into new regions will not be possible without the invaluable support from our esteemed customers, not forgetting the concerted effort and diligent performance of the management and staff of HPI Group.

Today, we are proud to be part of a big family in Oji Holdings, one of the largest and leading pulp and paper companies in the world. With the strong support and advanced technical transfer from Oji Holdings, HPI is confident in achieving higher growth in the near future.

We continue to hold on to our core values that I reckon will lead us to greater success. Firstly, HPI must continue to adapt to changes and respond positively to meet the challenges of today’s packaging needs. Secondly, we will seek continuous improvement, “Kaizen” in our internal operations to assure consistency in our quality and services. Last but not least, HPI will continue to invest to ensure we remain competitive in terms of pricing and overall operational cost. We must be dynamic and make rapid transition by moving beyond a mere stereotyped manufacturing company. At HPI, we pursue continuous product development and innovation to enhance productivity and cost competitiveness to ensure business efficiency and relevance.

As a responsible corporate citizen, HPI places special emphasis on environment and safety. It is our on-going endeavour to ensure the safety of our workers and preservation of our environment. Our most valuable asset is our workers. Therefore their health and safety are our main concern and we believe in providing a conducive working environment that contributes positively to productivity.

I have utmost confidence that with our commitment to product excellence, competitive pricing and unrivalled customer services, HPI will continue to serve as ‘The Preferred Partner in Packaging Solutions’.

Thank you.

Chang Kee Soon


HPI was incorporated as Harta Ngiak in 1987, and subsequently in 1990, changed its name to Harta Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd to reflect the change in its core business of manufacturing corrugated boards, corrugated cartons, die-cut containers and paper pallets in strategic regions in Northern, Central and Southern parts of Malaysia. Subsequently, a plastic packaging division was included as a mainstream business.

Within a short span of 7 years, Harta Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd was listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now BURSA Malaysia) in 1997 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HPI Resources Bhd.

Tapping into the food packaging market, HPI ventured into the food-wrapper business producing hawker paper, burger paper and paper bags in Year 2000. Further expansion saw the Group spreading its wings overseas to the fast-growing market of Cambodia in 2004 with the set-up of both corrugated carton and plastic packaging operations. As a move to realize the full potential of a completely integrated paper and packaging manufacturer, the Group made a giant leap by acquiring a paper mill which produces various types of paper in Year 2008.

In August 2011, to consolidate the Group's businesses even further, it went beyond boundaries to become a part of Oji Group of Japan, one of the largest and most established pulp and paper companies in the world.

Backed by a solid establishment with sound fundamentals, HPI is now poised to meet greater challenges more than ever in the highly demanding packaging industry.


Companies within HPI Group uphold a concerted, consistent corporate philosophy that encompasses the following:
  • To deliver the highest quality of customer service and products that are safe, reliable and cost effective.

  • To maximize utilization and productivity of all resources.

  • To adopt human resources management practices company-wide that attract, motivate and retain employees who contribute to the company’s objectives.

  • To create Health & Safety awareness among employees of all levels for zero accident.

  • To uphold our responsibility as a caring, environment-conscious corporate citizen and to work hand-in-hand with the nation towards Vision 2020.

  • To generate earnings which provide sufficient resources for reinvestment and satisfactory returns to shareholders.

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