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About Us

Message from Group Managing Director

Welcome to HPI Resources Berhad website.

For the past 5 years, HPIRB (a wholly owned subsidiary of OJI Holdings) has been growing at a tremendous pace thanks to the continuous support from our customers, suppliers and all my valuable colleagues. We continue to remain steadfast in our business principles, through providing good services and product quality to our customers while embracing sustainability.

As one of the world largest paper companies, OJI Holdings commands a significant market share for corrugated carton packaging in Malaysia and Cambodia. Under the OJI flagship, HPIRB has established 10 manufacturing facilities situated strategically in the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Malaysia including 3 carton box factories in Cambodia.

Moving forward, HPIRB will be building capacities across Malaysia and Cambodia, at the same time churning out more innovative products to fulfil the evolving market demand. Our key objective is to continue to stay relevant in Malaysia and Cambodia markets through the following: –

1. Providing good product quality with excellent services
2. Be readier for unanticipated requests and
3. Be an essential part of customers’ business success (innovations and cost reduction).

For carton box manufacturing facilities, HPIRB has started a 2nd factory up north (Parit Buntar, Perak) in October 2018. This has doubled HPIRB’s capacity in the northern region from 36,000 to 61,800 MT per year. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Harta Packaging Industries (Perak) Sdn. Bhd (“Harta Perak”) has been a major producer of triple-wall sheets and heavy-duty boxes in Malaysia since 2012. These specialized products are further enhanced by its digital printing capabilities and state-of-the-art box making equipment. Harta Perak also manufactures Slip Sheets, a product that increases payload per container, eliminates fumigation and high pallet costs.

In the central region of Malaysia, HPIRB has installed second unit BHS corrugator machine in Nilai plant (Negeri Sembilan). Capacity of Nilai facilities has increased from 48,000 to 84,000 MT with added capabilities of producing single facer, double facer and BB-flute corrugated sheets and carton boxes.

Malaysia market is estimated at 1.2 million tons per annum with estimated CAGR of 4 to 5 percent. HPIRB’s market share currently stands at 13% and is expected to capture 19% by 2025.

While writing, construction work is ongoing for our 3rd box plant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Located in Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, this box plant will be fully operational by early 2020. With the blessing from OJI Japan, this box plant will have the most automated facilities in the region, starting with 7 colours Bobst 924NT high graphics FFG with fully automatic tying and palletizing flexo printer, and so on.

Besides carton boxes, HPIRB continues to invest in multiple-layer polyethylene film blowing machines specializing in shrink films and lamination films for industrial needs. Other specialized products are plain paper bags of mainly 4, 5 and 6 S bags, laminated food wrapper & burger wrapper, core board, joss paper and industrial medium paper.

Whether you are potential customers or just browsing for related products, please feel free to call our designated phone line nearest to you. Thank you.

Chang Kee Soon
Group Managing Director
HPI Resources Berhad


Companies within HPI Group uphold a concerted, consistent corporate philosophy that encompasses the following:

  • To live harmoniously with the environment and continue to intensify corporate social responsibility work to the communities where we are present.
  • To deliver the highest quality of customer service and products that are safe, reliable and cost effective to our valued customers.
  • To provide a safe workplace for all our employees, pursuing zero workplace accident for 2019 and beyond.