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Triple-wall & Heavy-duty Board

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Triple-wall & Heavy-duty Board

Heavy-duty corrugated packaging is designed to give extreme levels of protection in transit and is often used for heavy, fragile, bulky or high-value products.

We offer two types of heavy-duty packaging to suit the market needs:

1. Heavy Duty Boxes
– Mainly used as substitute for wooden crate boxes.
– The products have been extensively adopted by a number of industries in the areas of automotive parts, petrochemical, solar panels, aircraft parts, elevators & escalator parts and those heavy products to be sent by air or sea cargo.

2. Heavy-Duty Paper Pallets
– Heavy-Duty Paper Pallets are ideal replacements for wooden pallets where weight, safety, recyclability or import and export restrictions are a concern. The Pallets are designed for loads of more than 1000kg.
– They are light-weight and economical, yet durable.