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HPI Group Environmental Charter

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HPI Group Environmental Charter

Environmental Management Policy

The Environmental Policy of Harta Group is to entrench in the concept of :-

“To Be Environmentally And Socially Responsible Through A Continuous Improvement Commitment Of Effective Environmental, Safety And Health Management System”.

And Committed to Achieve Continual Improvement In Matter Relating To Underlying Principles:-

  • To Ensure the ESHMS implementations are in compliance with relevant government legislation and other requirements.
  • To Reduce and Prevent Environmental Pollutions, Safety and Health Hazard and Risks.
  • To Set and review the environmental, Safety and Health objectives and continuous Improvement commitment.
  • To Promote the environmental, Safety and Health Awareness Programmed effectively to all levels of the organization and thereto interested parties.
  • To Ensure the Environmental, Safety and Health information are made available pertinent to the interested parties upon their written inquiry.


Organization chart

Key task & Responsibility

Key tasks:
Chairman To review and final approval of incident reporting to regulatory and EMD, lead the committee members activities and ensure compliance to regulation/laws.
Secretary To assist Chairman, review incident reporting, management of resources needs and monitor overall environmental management.
Compliance/Regulatory Management Committee Head To manage all environmental legal requirements, audits, inspection, incident reporting submission and to ensure that compliance are met.
Environmental Performance Monitoring Committee Head To monitor and verify inspection results, Management of environmental related maintenance program, hired contractors and calibration arrangement.
Schedule Waste Competent Person To manage Scheduled Waste as per regulatory requirements.
Industrial Effluent Treatment Competent Person To manage effluent Treatment of the company for IETS facility.
Bag Filter (Air Emission) Competent Person To manage Bag Filter and air emission monitoring, maintenance program and analysis as per regulatory requirements.
Compliance/Regulatory Management Committee To assist Compliance/Regulatory Head in documentations and inspections.
Power/Electrical Conservation Committee To lead on electrical/power conservation program.
Paper Conservation Committee To lead on paper conservation program.
Water Conservation & Recycling Program Committee To lead on water conservation & recycling program.
Environmental Awareness/Education Committee To lead on environmental awareness and education activities program.
Chemical Management Committee To lead on chemical management as per regulatory requirement.
*The Environmental Organization Chart may differ due to the scope of manufacturing of respective branch (Carton, plastic, paper mill etc).

Environmental budgeting

Environmental News