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Quality Control

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HPI Group adopts an Integrated Management System that not only focuses on quality excellence, but embraces also the environmental and safety concepts close to our hearts as evidenced by our achievement of the prestigious ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OSHAS 18001. We are also accredited with ISO 22000:2005, GMP & HACCP for our food packaging divisions.


Boxes reflect the value of the contents. Hence, HPI Group views quality with paramount importance. All operations within HPI Group of Companies employ the highest level of quality control in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to ensure the utmost quality of our products.

Stringent quality checks on raw materials, printing, die-cutting, right up to finished products are conducted using elaborate test equipments to ensure that the cartons meet all quality requirements of our discerning customers.

Corrugated Paper Board & Carton



Bursting Strength Tester
To determine the bursting strength of paper, corrugated board and carton.

Micro-Computer Compression Tester For Package And Container
This machine has built-in highly accurate load cell and CPU to enable direct viewing of the force value on display. To test compression level of containers, cartons, etc.

Micro-Computer Ring Crush / Adhesive Strength Tester

Incorporate a highly accurate load cell and CPU to enable direct view of the strength of the specimen on display. Used to test ring crush strength (Vertical & Horizontal) and adhesion strength of paper board.

Column Compression Testing Grip
Working with ring crush tester to test the column compression strength.

Used for preparing the standard specimen for ring crush test or others.

Sample Cutter For Column Compression
We use 3 types of cutters, namely, Parallel Cutter, Angle Cutter or Neck down Cutter to get a standard specimen for column compression test.

Basic Weight Scale
Get the required weight of paper or paper board.


L&W Crush Tester
Incorporate a highly accurate load cell to enable direct view of the strength of the specimen on display. Used to perform Ring Crush Test (RCT) and Concora Medium Test (CMT).

EMCO Internal Bond Tester
Used for determining the internal bond strength of paper.

Paper Moisture Tester HK-300-3
Used for measuring the moisture of paper.

Basic Weight Scale
Used for determining the weight of paper.

Moisture Meter Type DS5AL
Used for absolute moisture measurement in waste paper.

Water Absorption Tester GT-6015
Used for determining the water absorption of paper under standard test conditions.

TMI Digital Micrometer
Used for measuring the thickness of paper.


Advanced Microprocessor Falling Dart Testing Apparatus
To evaluate the impact strength or the toughness of a film.

Universal Testing Machine
To test the tensile strength of a film.

Advanced Static and Dynamic Friction System
To precisely determine the frictional properties of a plastic film.

Hot Plate Film Shrinkage Apparatus
To determine the thermal shrinkage of plastic film & sheeting.